Thank you for taking an interest in The Santa Fe Wind and Solar Screen™.  This product in New Mexico for 20 years.  There are well over 5,000 screens in the New Mexico market today and is in use all over the U.S. today.  We manufacture our screens with a 126” PVC coated polyester screen, durable, tough, and UV stabilized fabric we have milled exclusively for our company, which is the widest in the nation.  The fabric provides a seamless view, with a 90% block. 

Enhance your outdoor living space while keeping the view! The fabric carries a 5 year warranty but lasts many years more when cared for properly.  We’ve seen a 10 year or more life span on the fabric in New Mexico.  The fabric color options are Buffalo, which is a dark brown and black weave, or Buckskin, which is a beige and black weave!  The screens are manually operated, which means the screen is operated with a hand crank which turns a gear inside the roller tube at the top of the unit.  A manual screen is anchored down with eye plates and brass hooks, once the screen is anchored down, you will need to back tighten the fabric with the crank to keep the fabric tight.  There can be a couple points where you anchor off your curtain so you can have it all the way down or half way down!  This will keep the fabric and hardware in place and increase the life span.

For an additional charge there is a motorized option which is operated with the touch of a button either on a remote control or a wall switch.  The motorized option slides up and down a rod track so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or patio seat to clip down the brass hook to the eye plate.  The eye plates, and rod track are a patina rusted steel with a hard clear coat, or custom color powder coat.  For additional information about motorization, accessories, hoods, or heavy duty screens up to 36′ wide and 12′ high please visit

For assistance with pricing and measuring please email us photos of the area or dimensions so we may further assist you.  Please include your phone number, and email address so we may contact you with any questions we might have, or submit a questionnaire form to the right: